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Hammer Mill 6ft

The Hammer Mill crushes by the collision between high-speed hammer and palm fibre. The Hammer Mill has a rotter that is fitted with a specially designed hammer blade, it is the variant. The Hammer Mill uses rotors fitted with hammers to carry out its task. The rotors are made up of a main shaft, a pulley and hammer blade. A motor drives the rotor rotate at a high speed through the belt, and on the rotor there are series hammers. The machine has a feed opening which is used to insert the palm fibre to the hammer mill. Once the palm fibre get into the working area of hammers, the rotating hammers with high rotation speed are crushing them. The products which are crushed to meet the required size can be discharged by the outlet and become the final products, the large size products are brought back to the crushing area by hammers for being recrushed until they reached the required size.


- Voltage : 415V
- Power : 75kw
- Motor : 100H.P.
- Size(ft) : [Hammer Mill Chamber 6x4x4] [I beam Frame 6x4x4½ ] [Total Height : 8½ ft]
- Capacity : 0.5 ton - 1ton per hour


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